Members of Congress, Where Are Your Tax Returns? | Roll Call
Members of Congress:
Where Are Your Tax Returns?
By Stephanie Akin and Sean McMinn
June 26, 2017

Donald Trump’s presidency has revived the issue of financial disclosure in Washington — namely, whether presidents should be required to release their tax returns.

For many Democrats on Capitol Hill, the answer is “yes.” Even some Republicans agree. But should we shine the spotlight on their own finances? No, thank you.

We sent requests in April to every member of Congress asking for them to release their own tax returns, with the understanding they would be published. We followed up — three times — and 37 out of 530 members in office at the time responded. Six said yes and another six had already realeased their returns somewhere else.

The list below represents the most comprehensive database of members’ tax returns available. It includes the tax returns of not only those who have sent us documents, but also those who have posted returns online in the past. It also includes our notes from reporting on members’ returns, as well their position on Trump’s decision not to release his own tax documents.

You can read the full story on members’ tax returns here. If you know of members’ tax returns we missed, or have other suggestions for this database, please email Stephanie Akin at

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Hannah Gardenswartz contributed to this report.