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Last updated Sep. 08, 2014

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Political Highlights: N.C. Senate, 1985-86; U.S. House of Representatives, 1993-2014; Federal Housing Finance Agency director,
Born: Aug. 26, 1945; Charlotte, N.C.
Residence: Charlotte
Religion: Presbyterian
Family: Wife, Eulada Watt; two children
Education: U. of North Carolina, B.S. 1967; Yale U., J.D. 1970
Military Service: None
Confirmed or Appointed:

Election History
2012generalMelvin Watt (D) 247,59179.6
Jack Brosch (R) 63,31720.4
2010generalMelvin Watt (D) 103,49563.9
Greg Dority (R) 55,31534.1
Lon Cecil (LIBERT) 3,1972.0
2008generalMelvin Watt (D) 215,90871.6
Ty Cobb (R) 85,81428.4
2006generalMelvin Watt (D) 71,34567.0
Ada Fisher (R) 35,12733.0
2004generalMelvin Watt (D) 154,90866.8
Ada Fisher (R) 76,89833.2
2002generalMelvin Watt (D) 98,82165.3
Jeff Kish (R) 49,58832.8
Carey Head (LIBERT) 2,8301.9
2000generalMelvin Watt (D) 135,57064.8
Joshua Mitchell (R) 69,59633.3
Anna Lyon (LIBERT) 3,9781.9
1998generalMelvin Watt (D) 82,30556.0
Scott Keadle (R) 62,07042.2
Michael Smith (LIBERT) 2,7131.8
1996generalMelvin Watt (D) 124,67571.5
Joseph Martino (R) 46,58126.7
Roger Kohn (LIBERT) 1,8741.1
Walter Lewis (NL) 1,2690.7
1994generalMelvin Watt (D) 57,65565.8
Joseph Martino (R) 29,93334.2
Susan Skinner () 330.0
1992generalMelvin Watt (D) 127,26270.4
Barbara Washington (R) 49,40227.3
Curtis Krumel (LIBERT) 4,1602.3
Roll Call Vitals

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